Table Steve
A slender appearance with exceptional stability and performance

Steve is a real eye-catcher with its elegant surface as a coffee table, in a sidewalk café, a banquet venue, or even at home.

Its strikingly thin tabletop blends into any environment. It’s simple but sophisticated. Complementing any interior, the chrome-plated table legs lend a very modern, classic or even retro appearance to the table.

Apart from its extraordinary looks, this table is very easy to care for. Our specially treated surfaces leave no trace of water marks, hot cups, or even fingerprints! You can choose between square or round table top.

Steve will certainly capture your enthusiasm immediately!

  • Two height choices 44 | 72 cm (17.3 | 28.3 in)
  • Round surface 70 cm (27.6 in) diameter
  • Square surface 61 cm (24.0 in) flange radius 5 cm (2.17 in)
  • Ultra-thin surface 2 mm (0.08 in)
  • Multiple surface options
  • Polished aluminum/chrome-plated frame (standard)
  • Classic, timeless design with a modern touch