Folding Table Frames
Merkt Table Frames That Fold Safely.

Merkt folding tables are the first choice as regards tried-and-true technical solutions. And they are renowned for their safe and user-friendly construction:

The sides fold simply and neatly by pressing on the support struts, eliminating the possibility of the top suddenly folding downwards with a crash.

Stop springs prevent the table from unfolding during transport. What is more these retaining springs make for a sturdy base guaranteed not to wobble.

With Merkt folding tables, stability and sleek style are in no way compromised by the strong functional features.

With table lengths in the 1200–1520 mm range, the frames fold on top of each other and not behind each other as in the standard version.

  1. Stop catches
    1. Constructed for durable use free of wear and tear. Countersunk screws enable the top to be mounted in the correct position.
  2. Safety Slots
    1. The hinged strut is secured in a conical groove with a stop spring making the table very stable.
  3. Heavy-duty bearings 
    1. High-grade plastic bearings ensure the table top is solidly connected and the leg joints fold smoothly and precisely.
  4. Construction
    1. Generously-proportioned materials guarantee high quality and stability.
  5. Surface
    1. Frames are available in powdercoated or stainless-steel versions.

The stop catch is fitted with a permanently integrated spring. The connecting points are drilled in line with grids (32 mm spread), so that drill patterns or robots can be used.

Spacers for stacking are attached to the bearings and prevent too much movement during transport.

Generously-proportioned struts made of 10 mm tubular steel provide the support.

KT 12 square steel

KT 32 tubular steel

KT 11 square steel

KT 15 tubular steel

Sides come in six different models, which all blend stability with elegance. The classic four-legged version comes truly into its own, for example, in a restaurant or café. If required, complete sets can also be packed individually.