Table System 1100 / 1200
M1100/ 1200 – 1 System, 3 Elevation Techniques

Perfect technology meets classic, elegant design: With the M 1100/1200 series Merkt has redefined the highly flexible, multi-purpose workstation. One factor that sets this system apart is the elegance if offers while ensuring high stability. Flexibility is another outstanding feature: with its low-noise and rapid electric height adjustment the M 1100/1200 more than meets all demands for high user-friendliness and convincing ergonomics. It takes just a few seconds to transform the workstation from a sitting to standing use even when the table top is carrying a heavy load (up to 70 kg). Safety devices ensure that this process is safe and reliable, high-grade electric components ensure that the system operates without hitches and at a low cost.

  1. A blend of stability
    1.  and design. There are no cross connections to spoil the classic elegance of the M 1100 contours.
  2. Guides
    1. Newly developed guides from highly durable plastic, which are easy to adjust guarantee enduring stability.
  3. Finish
    1.  Frames come with a highquality powder coating in a wide choice of colors.
  4. Legs
    1. The design can be varied to suit customer requirements.

Manual height adjustment
covers an adjustment range from 650 to 850 mm in 20 mm increments by means of grid-based locking. 

Hand crank operation
offers infinite adjustment ranging from 680 mm to 1180 mm (single telescope). Additional loading up to 25 kg is possible.

Electrical height adjustment
offers a range between 650 and 1300 mm (optionally with a 500mm range). The elevation is performed using two extremely quiet electric motors. Operation is via a control positioned on the front edge of the table top.

If required, a steering module with storage function is also available, which calls up the working heights of various people at the touch of a button, and makes the adjustment automatically. Up to four work settings can be pre-programmed.

The M1100/1200 table system allows you to adapt the tables to even the most complex office scenarios. Bench solutions including vanity screens and ganging are also possible.