Table System 700
Strong Connections With Profile.

The take-apart table frames are one of the most interesting innovations in the Merkt range. Their tried-and-tested construction was improved further still and combined with state-of-the-art designs.

Space-saving storage, high flexibility, sturdy construction and an extensive range are classic strengths of these table frames.

Their state-of-the-art yet timeless shape means they can be combined with almost all furniture styles, making them a genuine all-round system.

  1. State-of-the-art design
    1. The classic among the Merkt systems boasts an up-to-date look and improved technology.
  2. Effective corner connections
    1. Thanks to a generously sized screw joint and well thought through application of force the corner connections are extremely sturdy.
  3. Table legs in different profiles
    1. You can choose between three different leg profiles: square, rectangular or round.

M 700 P 
can be completely dismantled and, with its sturdy horizontal profiles is superbly equipped for most purposes. The use of profile makes this version particularly economical.

M 700 R
is just as easy to dismantle. Instead of profiles the M 700 R also boasts tubular cross bars in the horizontal. For an even higher-quality construction and particularly heavy-duty purposes.

Sturdy or Even Sturdier
The Merkt table system boats two construction versions, enabling you to exactly meet your personal requirement with regard to cost-effectiveness and sturdiness:

With regard to design, both series are available in the entire range.

Bench solutions
Our systems can also be realized in bench formats – optimizing the use of space.

“Invisible” corner screw joints ensure the frames, which can be disassembled, are extremely sturdy.

The Merkt 700 table system is also available as a particularly economical package unit.

Special sizes
For special lengths of the M 700 R there are hand lever presses available, with which frame lengths to suit specific objects can be made on site.