Tilting Desk 1300
Functionality and stability available in individual design

High-value components and a sophisticated construction provide particular stability and security to the tilt-top desk M1300 by Merkt. The newly developed design of the tilt-top desk M1300 allows to tilt back the desk top and to stow one or more desks in a space-saving way. When the desk top is folded, the unlocking device must be actuated manually. This prevents the desk top from snapping downwards and excludes the risk of injury. Furthermore, the unlocking device must be clearly actuated to fold the desk top. 

  1. Mechanical unlocking
  2. Customer-specific desk legs
  3. Frames from 800 to 1800 mm length
    1.  graduated in 200 mm increments; 700 and 800 mm desk depths available.
  4. Spacer
    1. The spacers protect the sub sequent desk top when desks are moved together. 

Modesty panel.
When the desk top is folded, the modesty panel appears like an extension of the desk top.

Cable duct. 
Computers and mobile devices can be connected easily.

Desk connectors.
These ele ments allow to connect desks in lines or to form U or L shapes.

A new stage of development: Merkt presents an innovative concept, which takes the idea of the tilting desk to a new level. What is new is that the swing mechanism is positioned to the inside. This is how custom-tailored desk legs can be realised to match existing product lines.

The Tilting Desk M1300 by Merkt is delivered in parts and can be assembled quickly on site. The newly developed system of the M1300 with its quality characteristics was made especially for the furnishing of conference rooms, training centres, schools, universities and offices in a consistent design.

Innovation by Merkt: various appearances, one tilting mechanism.