Cable Management
Merkt. Integrated Cable Management.

A piece of office furniture is only as good as its weakest link. That is why Merkt has for many years focused intensely on developing additional elements which make office furniture function better. Simultaneously, Merkt has likewise directed its efforts to reducing the cost of these frequently concealed parts.

In designing elements so they can be attached without tools Merk has made a considerable contribution to simplifying assembly and reducing the number of steps involved. The Merkt cable management system is not only custom-made for all Merkt office furniture systems, it can be easily used with other systems.

  1. Universal cable duct holder 
    1. for attaching the cable duct, which can be folded up on both sides, to different table constructions in a variety of ways.
  2. Cable duct 
    1. for housing all the components required for wiring up the workspace, can be designed to suit client’s wishes.
  3. Flexible
    1. for attractively connecting the desk to the office wiring.
  4. Cable base
    1. conceals unsightly plug connections, which are unavoidable for wiring up the desk.

Universal cable duct holders mean the cable duct can be folded out on both side. Can be used with fixed or sliding tops.

Cable duct cap for left or right side, which can be mounted tool-free at any time.

Universal socket units secure multiple sockets safely and economically in the cable duct.

Surplus cable housing
Any surplus cable is housed in two space-saving plastic loops.

Clip-on plastic cleat 
for cables of different diameter