A matter of course in all of our sections.

We are aware of our share in the responsibility for creating a safe future. Which is why it goes without saying that we use sustainable processes in everything we do.

Shine with our virtues.

We guarantee the highest quality standards in all our areas of production. Thanks to our extremely flexible manufacturing, we are also able to set standards in terms of our environmental record. We comply with high quality standards in all phases of production and assess all our processes regarding environmental sustainability – for example by using solvent-free coating for parts or closed water circuits in degreasing metal components. For us, sustainable production also means the systematic minimization of waste. And we have our own solar energy system, which lowers our overall energy consumption.

  • Sustainability in all phases of production
  • Close to 100% recycling of the systematically minimized raw material
  • Our own solar plant to support energy provision
  • Exceptionally long product life cycles

Innovative Produktionsverfahren für einen positiven Fingerabdruck aller Merkt Produkte

Using available resources efficiently and treating our environment responsibly are firmly embedded in all of our operational procedures.

  • Solvent-free coating for parts
  • Closed water circuits in degreasing metal components
  • Metal waste is collected and recycled
  • Energy efficiency and lowering of CO2 emissions in production


Acting responsibly for our region.

Merkt for the region

We are deeply rooted in our region. Most of our employees live in the immediate vicinity of our company. For this and for private reasons it is especially important to us to support and promote local clubs, schools and charitable projects. Be it by financial or in-kind donations or by awarding contracts, for example to Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen counseling services.

  • Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderungen Kreisverein Tuttlingen e.V.
  • Footballteam of FSV Denkingen
  • Trossinger Tafel (food products at low prices)
  • Narrenzunft Deichelmaus (1445 e.V.) in Spaichingen