Production with exceptional depth.

As a strong medium-sized company we have cutting-edge production technology at our disposal. Regular investment means that our modern pool of machinery is always perfectly positioned for any job at hand. We are able to exploit almost all technological possibilities according to your needs and ideally satisfy individual demands.

An impressive range of equipment covering the entire value chain:

  • 2 sheet metal laser cutting units
  • 4 tubing laser centers
  • 1 coil punch press
  • 2 CNC edging presses 
  • 2 hydraulic punch presses
  • 4 MIG/MAG robotic welding systems
  • 1 WIG welding unit
  • 1 laser welding robot
  • 3 CNC machining centers
  • 1 Rollier profiling line
  • 1 fully automated powder coating facility (chain conveyor 600m/40 pistols) 

High-performance manufacturing

Merkt’s cabinet plinths are a great example of our level of performance. The in-house product development has been successfully used for various applications for years. Characteristics such as the well-conceived steel and plastic construction, which enables tool-free packaging and assembly of the plinths, contribute to their great success. The high production numbers mean that the metal panels can be produced on the fully automated profiling line.


Achieving more together.

Bathtub paneling for Duravit®

Bathtub paneling for Duravit was at the center of a typical integrated development process that Merkt offers its customers. The paneling was previously glued as a whole, which placed very high demands on the manufacturing process and literally put a strain on the transport and assembly of the bathtubs. Merkt helped to develop collapsible paneling, which considerably reduced the weight of the individual units and made production substantially simpler. Up to four individual panels are now invisibly joined together. The final touch was provided by the components Merkt developed to enable tool-free assembly on site. The bathtub’s impressive look with perfect joins makes for happy end customers, while bathroom manufacturers benefit from savings on manufacturing, shipping and assembly.

Our service is guided by your needs – from planning to construction and manufacture to logistics and B2B connections.

For us, one-stop service goes without saying. This not only helps us reduce delivery times, but provides crucial competitive advantages for our clients:

  • We support clients in the construction phase of product development.
  • We manufacture your goods using modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable methods.
  • You choose from a range of products covering the entire value chain.
  • We assemble, pack and ship your goods for you.
  • Your shipments are always punctual.
  • Quick delivery times enable short-term planning.
  • You will always be able to reach a competent contact person.
  • We will always reply to your questions within 24 hours.
  • We guarantee that the goods we deliver are of a high quality.
  • We offer an excellent price/performance ratio.