Entire industries rely on our capabilities.

Our many years of experience help us in developing innovative products that satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of quality, flexibility and functionality. In this process we don’t just think about metal, but also include other materials such as plastics.

What our clients share is their trust in our joint strengths. This means we don’t just secure economic success on both sides, but first and foremost a competitive edge for our clients.

We cooperate with clients from all kinds of industries:

  • laboratory technology
  • shop fitting
  • workshop facilities
  • furniture industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • medical technology
Double Tilt-Top Desk 1700

A very robust multifunctional table for easy set-up and flexible usage

This multifunctional table system by Merkt offers numerous possibilities and can be adapted to a variety of situations. Assembly and dismantling can be realized effortlessly within seconds by one person. Particular robustness paired with great mobility: these characteristics make the table useful in many application areas, as for example in offices, at trade shows, in hotels and in the hobby sector. These comprehensive possibilities make the M1700 a true allrounder The Double Tilt-Top Desk M1700 combines many of the innovations developed by Merkt establishing a sophisticated table system. Among these innovations are the tilting mechanism and the possibility to connect several tables by using table connectors. The M1700 offers advantages which could not be realized with large tables so far. The tilting mechanism does not only facilitate assembly and dismantling, but also allows for the space-saving storage of a large number of tables.PDF-Download

Threadable leg support

Table connectors

Synchronous trigger

Stable mechanism

Perfect for benching and tiny places.
Half-round and rectangular desktops can be mounted to the Double Tilt-Top Desk M1700, offering additional options for various combinations when connecting tables and guarantee optimum, efficient room use in tiny places.

Double benefit through vertical and horizontal surface.
According to the intended usage, the desktops can be used in horizontal position. The vertical surface can be used in many ways after tilting the desktop, for example as a mounting table, as a sideboard for buffets, as a temporary workplace or as a mobile conference table.

Tilting desk 1300

Functionality and stability available in individual design

A new stage of development: Merkt presents an innovative concept, which takes the idea of the tilting desk to a new level. What is new is that the swing mechanism is positioned to the inside. This is how custom-tailored desk legs can be realised to match existing product lines.High-value components and a sophisticated construction provide particular stability and security to the tilt-top desk M1300 by Merkt. The newly developed design of the tilt-top desk M1300 allows to tilt back the desk top and to stow one or more desks in a space-saving way. When the desk top is folded, the unlocking device must be actuated manually. This prevents the desk top from snapping downwards and excludes the risk of injury. Furthermore, the unlocking device must be clearly actuated to fold the desk top.PDF-Download

Mechanical unlocking

Customer-specific desk legs

Frames from 800 to 1800 mm length, graduated in 200 mm increments; 700 and 800 mm desk depths available

The spacers protect the sub sequent desk top when desks are moved together.

The tilting desk M1300 by Merkt can be equipped with further extras. Among these are Modesty panel. When the desk top is folded, the modesty panel appears like an extension of the desk top. Cable duct. Computers and mobile devices can be connected easily.Desk connectors. These ele ments allow to connect desks in lines or to form U or L shapes.

Table System 1100/1200

M 1100/ 1200 – 1 System, 3 Elevation Techniques

Perfect technology meets classic, elegant design: With the M 1100/1200 series Merkt has redefined the highly flexible, multi-purpose workstation. One factor that sets this system apart is the elegance if offers while ensuring high stability. Flexibility is another outstanding feature: with its low-noise and rapid electric height adjustment the M 1100/1200 more than meets all demands for high user-friendliness and convincing ergonomics. It takes just a few seconds to transform the workstation from a sitting to standing use even when the table top is carrying a heavy load (up to 70 kg). Safety devices ensure that this process is safe and reliable, high-grade electric components ensure that the system operates without hitches and at a low cost.PDF-Download

Manual height adjustment

covers an adjustment range from 650 to 850 mm in 20 mm increments by means of grid-based locking.

Hand crank operation

offers infinite adjustment ranging from 680 mm to 1180 mm (single telescope). Additional loading up to 25 kg is possible.

Electrical height adjustment

offers a range between 650 and 1300 mm (optionally with a 500mm range). The elevation is performed using two extremely quiet electric motors. Operation is via a control positioned on the front edge of the table top.

Table System 500

A Workstation at Its Best.

The M 500 table system meets all the requirements of a modern-day workstation. Whether it be a meeting table, a computer station, adaptable corner groups, integrated lecterns, PC trays, a third working level: everything is possible.What makes M 500 particularly stand out: its logistic qualities. The connectors make it possible to pre-mount the frame with the table top during production. On site, the system can be completed simply by slotting in the side sections and giving a single turn to the connectors. The result: a firmly-locked connection between frame and side sections, which makes for a sturdy table system that is easily assembled. Moreover, it offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Moreover, from a design perspective the frame versions available for the Merkt 500 table system are likewise of the highest standard.PDF-Download

Height adjustment

An Allen key is used for standard height adjustment in the range 650–850 mm. Alternatively, toolfree height adjustment is possible.

Flexible frame system

Even the standard combination frames enable step-by-step construction of a workstation system. The standard detachable cable ducts, corner frames, and top-based elements can all be added later.


Extensive options for linking and adaptation e.g.,

  • variable table linkages
  • third working level
  • PC tray
  • horizontal cable ducts

What sets the M 500 apart is the low number of components, which can be assembled easily and quickly. This brings a time saving combined with a logical system – but which is not short on stability.

Table System 700

Strong Connections with Profile.

The take-apart table frames are one of the most interesting innovations in the Merkt range. Their tried-and-tested construction was improved further still and combined with state-of-the-art designs. Space-saving storage, high flexibility, sturdy construction and an extensive range are classic strengths of these table frames. Their state-of-the-art yet timeless shape means they can be combined with almost all furniture styles, making them a genuine all-round system. PDF-Download

Sturdy or Even Sturdier

The Merkt table system boats two construction versions, enabling you to exactly meet your personal requirement with regard to cost-effectiveness and sturdiness:The M 700 P can be completely dismantled and, with its sturdy horizontal profiles is superbly equipped for most purposes. The use of profile makes this version particularly economical.The M 700 R is just as easy to dismantle. Instead of profiles the M 700 R also boasts tubular cross bars in the horizontal. For an even higher-quality construction and particularly heavy-duty purposes.With regard to design, both series are available in the entire range.

“Invisible” corner screw joints ensure the frames, which can be disassembled, are extremely sturdy.

Table System 900

The Amazing Elevating Table – What You Always Wanted

Merkt presents a new kind of table. The name lectern worktop does not do it justice. The height of this “elevator table” can be adapted to any situation extremely easily. Thanks to its pneumatic spring mechanism the table top glides gently to whatever height its user requires – be it for a champagne reception or for storing filing next to a workstation. The elevator table is available on castors, so that it can be wheeled to wherever it is needed. Or it can stand in a fixed location, on a stable floor plate. A multifunctional table, an essential feature in any office or reception environment. Flexible and as valuable as a full-blown workstation system.PDF-Download

Height adjustment

The height is adjusted by means of pneumatic springs using hand or foot-operated controls. Height adjustment range: 720–1160 mm. There is also a fixedheight and an adjustable version using regular perforations in the frame.

Guiding mechanisms

High-grade roller guiding mechanisms make for maximum stability and optimum gliding qualities.


Interchangeable innovative plates and mobile base elements make it easier to suit individual customer requirements.


Frames are supplied with a highgrade powder coating. Various sections of the frames are also available in stainless steel or chromed versions.All variants can be combined with floor plates. The tables equipped with pneumatic springs can also be combined with base elements on castors or glides.

Desktop Management

Connecting Modules for Desktops.

Simple things often provide the best solution to tasks. This is certainly the case when it comes to securing, aligning and adjusting desktops. For this reason Merkt has designed a series of intelligent, easy-to-mount and cost-effective modules for all desktop management system. The TV 100 desktop connector is one of them. Its simple, sturdy construction means it can be used anywhere. No special tools are required to mount it and given that it is absolutely symmetrical it can be used with any configuration of the modules. The result is a high degree of user flexibility.PDF-Download

The TV 100 desktop connector

It connects and links desktops and other pieces of furniture without tools; it is extremely simple and reliable.

Sturdy locking mechanism for the safe handling of office desk systems. Castors (mounted on the desktop)
Locking sockets (inserted in the desktop)
Desktop locking mechanism (mounted on the frame or welded on)

Quick-assembly components for worktops leveling for fixing the desktop to the base frame without tools.

Cable Management

Merkt. Integrated Cable Management.

A piece of office furniture is only as good as its weakest link. That is why Merkt has for many years focused intensely on developing additional elements which make office furniture function better. Simultaneously, Merkt has likewise directed its efforts to reducing the cost of these frequently concealed parts. In designing elements so they can be attached without tools Merk has made a considerable contribution to simplifying assembly and reducing the number of steps involved. The Merkt cable management system is not only custom-made for all Merkt office furniture systems, it can be easily used with other systems. PDF-Download

Universal cable duct holder

For attaching the cable duct, which can be folded up on both sides, to different table constructions in a variety of ways.

Cable duct

For housing all the components required for wiring up the workspace, can be designed to suit client’s wishes.

Cable base

It conceals unsightly plug connections, which are unavoidable for wiring up the desk.

Universal socket

It units secure multiple sockets safely and economically in the cable duct.

Surplus cable housing

Any surplus cable is housed in two space-saving plastic loops.

Clip-on plastic cleat

For cables of different diameter.All components in the cable management system use an identical tool-less locking mechanism. This means the same perforations can be used for cable cleats, surplus cable housing, and sockets.

STS Base System

A Highly Flexible Base System.

Our patented STS cupboard base system offers a solution which is as simple as it flexible and which fits the majority of cupboard elements. Available in all widths and depths, the system can be adapted to suit all wardrobe programs. We also provide a wide selection of standard base heights, and can in principle fulfill any special requirements you may have. And you can choose the color – as a standard! When it comes to stability, STS is everything you would expect it to be: perfectly formed corners with a high load capacity. Units which can be moved and transported without being dismantled are the prime advantage of these carefully designed and proven units.PDF-Download

An impressively stable metal-&-plastic corner connection. Assembly of this all-purpose base system, with a load capacity of 400 kg per corner, requires no tools whatsoever.

Tool free assembly

The panels and the corner connectors simply clip together and are held in exactly the right position at both the bottom and the top.

High-performance corner connectors

Our corner elements are not only extremely stable, they also include blocking plugs which can, if required, be used to position your cupboard exactly where you want it on the base. The line also includes a number of different footprints.

Folding Table Frames

Merkt Table Frames That Fold Safely.

Merkt folding tables are the first choice as regards tried-and- true technical solutions. And they are renowned for their safe and user-friendly construction: The sides fold simply and neatly by pressing on the support struts, eliminating the possibility of the top suddenly folding downwards with a crash.Stop springs prevent the table from unfolding during transport. What is more these retaining springs make for a sturdy base guaranteed not to wobble. With Merkt folding tables, stability and sleek style are in no way compromised by the strong functional features.PDF-Download

Stop catches

Constructed for durable use free of wear and tear. Countersunk screws enable the top to be mounted in the correct position.

Heavy-duty bearings

High-grade plastic bearings ensure the table top is solidly connected and the leg joints fold smoothly and precisely.


Generously-proportioned materials guarantee high quality and stability.

Sides come in six different models, which all blend stability with elegance. The classic four-legged version comes truly into its own, for example, in a restaurant or café. If required, complete sets can also be packed individually.

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