For over 60 years now we have been working as specialists in the development and manufacture of high-grade tubular and sheet metal components.

Progress is not the only tradition on our 14,000-square-meter production floor, located in a high-tech region characterized by medium-sized enterprises. Indeed, we have always borne responsibility in our mindset and actions for the development of our region and the people who live here.


Merkt inside.

Company founded: 1952
Legal form: GmbH (family-run limited liability company)
Company head office: in Spaichingen, Germany
Payroll: 95 (incl. six trainees)
Production area: 14,200 sq. m
Sector: Metal processing
Products: Tubular and sheet metal assemblies, supplier to the furniture industry
Managing Directors: Konrad Merkt, Jochen Merkt

TodayOne of Germany’s leading office furniture suppliers
2014Investments in materials and energy-efficiency projects ramped up
2010-12A 750 KW-peak solar power plant commissioned
2002Company’s 50th anniversary celebrated
1996Laser technology introduced
1992Change of generation at the helm
1985First computer system installed
1983Production of hospital beds head and tailboards
1980Planning and construction of the Max Planck Strasse facilities (current premises)
1974Start of production of hospital beds
1968First powder-coating unit goes turnkey
1967Aufgabe Agricultural machinery division closed
1961Start of sheet metal processing and manufacturing of tubular frames
1952Company founded as a producer of and dealer in agricultural machinery


Soziale Verantwortung

26.06.2017 Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder stolzer Sponsor des internationalen Fußball-Juniorenturniers. Die Jugendabteilung des SVS richtet nun schon zum 29. Mal ihr Fußball-Kleinfeldturnier im Stadion Unterbach in Spaichingen aus. Wir unterstützen dieses Vorhaben bereits zum wiederholten Male mit einer großzügigen Spende.

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